Superstory “ITOHAN” (Ep ) now available here and

Itohan last hope was her father but was shocked when he refused to help her; She angrily told him he will regret his actions.

Itohan’s mother wasn’t surprised by her ex-husband behaviour towards Itohan as he doesn’t care much about them due to the fact that his mistress had him brainwashed yet assured her that she will certainly travel to Europe and not to lose hope.

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Itohan avoided Sylvester’s calls as she couldn’t raise the money which he had requested for and so he paid a visit to her workplace.
Seeing Itohan’s eagerness to travel to Europe, Sylvester gave Itohan her travel document and this brought excitement to her heart as her dreams were about to be fulfilled but he told her not to tell her coach.

Sammy got afraid that he was going to lose Itohan to another man in Europe, Sammy and Itohan took a love oath never to be apart but it came with a clause as if either of them violates it, death!
Itohan’s mother was saddened that Itohan will be leaving them but with hope that Itohan’s success will change their story and she prayed for her.

As Itohan arrives Europe; Will her dreams be fulfilled or shattered? Find out in the next episode!!!

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