Nigerian International Film Summit to hold in Los Angeles and Lagos

The Nigerian International Film Summit (NIFS)is designed to enable business driven conversations on the bourgeoning film industry in Nigeria. It is for all those involved already or interested in the business of film in Nigeria. The core focus will be on theatrical distribution of Hollywood films from major studios locally in Nigeria, international distribution for Nollywood films and how to create the needed appeal for international distribution of Nollywood, the current and existing structures for distribution and the investment potentials and opportunities for more screens , analysis of current success of Hollywood films in Nigeria viz-a-viz performance of Nollywood films at the box office. Understanding fast close-up of the gap between Hollywood and Nollywood at the box office. This summit is independently organized to focus on Nigeria with AFM’s support and endorsement makers. Nigerian International Film Summit aims at bridging the gap in local and international film business.

The Nigeria International Film Summit (NIFS) will be taking place in both Los Angeles in the U.S. and Lagos in Nigeria. NIFS in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, is held strategically during the American Film Market to attract foreign investment in Nigeria’s film industry as well as connect Hollywood executives with Nigerian companies and independent producers. With its theme “The Possibilities, Opportunities and Challenges of film business in Nigera,” NIFS in Santa Monica takes place from November 2-5, 2017. In Lagos, NIFS takes place from May 23-25, 2018.
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