Pefti Launches Multimillion Naira Executive Training Facility

Pefti film Institute has launched a multi million naira facility open for executive training sessions. A high class fully equipped and air-conditioned facility that has the capacity to sit at least 80 people comfortably.

It is furnished with the best of equipments ranging from projectors, sound facilities, lights and easily accessible restrooms.
This marks a revolutionary move and a new introduction to Pefti trainings as it will now be conducting executive training sessions for cooperate bodies, government agencies and other institutions like the radio and TV stations who want to equip their staff with adequate knowledge in the most conducive learning environment.

Yesterday, August 22, 2017 CANON held it’s first ever film workshop in the Pefti Master class Executive Training Facility and our team had an exclusive chat with the Managing Director, Miss Abiola Adenuga who had so much to say about this new development.
Read excerpts below:

“Pefti film Institute is accredited by the National board of technical education to offer practical and professional training in film making, performing arts( costuming/ makeup) and music. These main courses also have sub courses which are relevant to all spheres and walks of life. For instance, the sole aim of most companies is to either make profit or be more visible to their target audience so from time to time members of staff would need to make presentations, defend proposals to sponsors and market their products and services. All of these cannot be achieved if the members of staff lack the necessary presentation skills, polished diction and eloquence. This is where we come in, our duty is first to identify the category you belong, either as a teacher, banker, politician etc. Then we train you based on your specific field. We are fully aware that the way a politician would relate with market women for a campaign will definitely be different from the way a banker would make his presentation to a Board of Directors, so we ensure a detailed delivery of knowledge based on your individual fields”
In conclusion, she said “Pefti film Institute will be launching series of executive training sessions which has already started with the Canon film workshop.
She also implores everyone to take advantage of this, as their courses are detailed enough to encapsulate everything anyone from any field or line of profession would need.

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